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Small Company Branding

Branding is more than just a logo. It’s a company’s image. It’s the message a company sends through its taglines, website, collateral pieces, letterhead, etc. Creating a “look” for a company and the graphic standards that go along with it takes a lot of research and preparation, but the results are well worth it. 

Logo Design

Above all else, a company’s logo should be recognizable. When I design logos, I ensure they are recognizable, simple (or able to be simplified for things like embroidery and overlays), and related to their company’s mission. 

Brochures/Collateral Pieces

Over the past 8 years, I have designed hundreds of brochures, profiles, rack cards, postcards, mailers, and about everything you can imagine. I love the challenge of creating something “outside of the box” while staying within the given graphic standards.

Ad Design

To me, the biggest challenge with designing an advertisement is finding the balance between enough information and too much information. The message needs to be concise and meaningful. The design needs to be eye-catching while still within a company’s brand. Whether print, digital, billboard or program advertisements, I strive to create an advertisement that encompasses what its company is “all about” and delivers a clear message to its viewers.


Whether your company needs to brush up on its existing social media campaign or create an entirely new one, I can help! I make sure I am current with what's trending and strive to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Email Campaigns

Whether you want to send out a monthly newsletter, quarterly update, e-invite, or individual product e-blast, I can create an email campaign to match your requirements. I can design a template for you or your staff to fill out as needed, or I can take the lead on the campaign, write content and send it out myself. 

Website Design/Production

When I design a website, I spend time visiting with my clients to see what they do and don’t like about their current website, what they need in a new website and what the real purpose of their website is. From there, I research the market, the competition and any new advances in website design and SEO. Most websites can be designed using one of the website building programs I work with. However, if your website requires extensive code work, I know some great web developers in the area that I can work with to get the job done.  

Business Card Design

Business cards have come a long way from boring little white squares with Times New Roman fonts. Your business card should fit within your company’s brand, include pertinent information and be memorable. I love working with different colors and shapes and including spot gloss to make designs pop.

Misc. Graphic Design

The list above is by no means all-inclusive. I also design invitations, infographics, word art, decorative prints, site plans, floorplans, t-shirts and more.